WARNING: At this very moment, your ex sweetheart could be looking for a new date or getting into a serious relationship that does not involve you...


From The Desk Of: Jacqueline Nell

Dear Friend:

You’re in a tough spot…

I know how you feel and I know exactly how much breaking up hurts.

Everything reminds you of your ex…

Those memories you have with your ex seem to come back to you from all directions. You feel like thousands of killer bees are swarming you.

Every song you hear, every movie you see, even that cute gift could make you drown in your own tears.

You want to rekindle your love and get your ex back into your arms.

You want the chance to finally say “I love you” again - without having your partner shut you out.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally relive your happy memories together again?

But you’re not sure how to pull it off.

Something inside you is telling you there’s still hope for your relationship.

I know this because that’s why you’re here.

Even though you know there’s an opportunity for you to put things right, you don’t know how to go about it.

You’re worried that you might make a wrong move or say the wrong things that could make the situation worse and destroy your last chance to get your ex back forever.

I feel you…


...But This Is Not Your Fault!

How are you supposed to know what to do, what to say, how to act? Last time I checked, they don’t teach this stuff in school.

So please don't blame yourself.

You know there must be secrets to luring your ex back into your arms again… and your hunch is dead-on because…

As you read this letter carefully you’ll quickly see how an easy to follow road map is about to solve your problems and frustration for good.

In my experience, no matter how bad the situation is… Even if it seems hopeless to you, or what kind of trouble you’ve had communicating with your ex, there is a solution if you follow…


…The Right Advice and Carefully Laid Instructions

Let me emphasize everything I said to you before...

Yes, you do have a very real opportunity to put your relationship back together and bring your soulmate back into your life.

The original spark that bought the two of you together still exists…

…and the truth is it will never die.

Time after time again people admit “I will always love them even now we’re apart” long after a relationship is over.

The source that made your love burn bright is still there and always will be…

…but something has doused that flame and reduced it to barely glowing embers.

The task that now lies before you is to fan that flame and restore its warmth and light.

But before you can do this you need to understand exactly what made the fire die down to begin with.

You must know this before you do a single thing or else you face the very real possibility of putting out that fire permanently without having any idea why.

If you blunder in blindly the chances are high you will accidentally smother the remaining embers of your relationship...

…but with a helping hand and a little guidance you’ll know exactly how to…


Rekindle the Flame and
Keep it Burning Brightly Again...

The help and guidance I’m going to give you starts right here, right now.

And the very first thing I’m going to give as my gift to you is a reality check.

A lot of people out there are going to tell you what you want to hear instead of what is actually going to help you get your ex back.

They’re going to pretend to teach you "Jedi mind tricks" like hypnotizing your ex into wanting you back instantly.

They’ll promise you methods to fool and manipulate your partner.

They’ll tell you there is an exact 7 day process that will solve everything.

They’ll even tell you they can fix your relationship problems by recommending secret love foods.

All of that nonsense is pure and utter baloney!

If you follow advice that sounds anything like what I have just described you will destroy your relationship forever.

Someone that truly wants to help you won’t tell you what you want to hear – that territory is squarely cornered by those who are only out to help themselves.

Someone that is really dedicated to helping you is going to tell you what you need to hear.

They’ll tell you the truth and give you…


Real, Effective Methods to
Restore Your Relationship
and Make it Last Permanently.

And that’s what I’m going to do for you.

Here are three very important points you need to realize when trying to get your ex back:

Your relationship is unique. You don’t need empty instant fix plans. You need real, effective methods that fluidly mold themselves to your exact situation.

Tricking your partner is meaningless. What will bring you together and keep you together is a deep, true and abiding love that flows from heart to heart.

There is a single concept that I will reveal to you, through which you’ll finally understand how you got to this point and how to win back the love of your life.


This single concept is at the root of every breakup that has ever occurred.

This concept is at play constantly in every single relationship and only once you know and understand it can you ever have a happy and fulfilling life with your partner.

I am going to show you what this concept is and how to flip it on its head.

You will discover how you can use it to get your ex back and…

…you’ll use it to set a firm foundation and build your relationship anew with a strength that will make it last forever.

With a clear mind, a light heart, and a system of real, effective methods you’ll know exactly what you need to do.



"Regain Romance Method"

About This E-Course

The Regain Romance Method is a complete home study course that will equip you with everything you need to restore your relationship and make it stronger than ever before.

There is an old and wise saying that, “Knowledge without Action is useless; Action without Knowledge is dangerous”.

This is profoundly important for you at this moment in your life.

Without action your relationship won’t fix itself. You need to get out there and take control of putting your life onto the right course.

Without knowledge you risk inadvertently destroying your relationship by saying and doing the wrong things.

In the “Regain Romance Method” you will receive three modules dedicated to giving you both the KNOWLEDGE and the ACTION PLAN you need.


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Regain Romance Method - MODULE 1
“The Secret of Winning Your Ex Back”

“The Secret of Winning Your Ex Back” is the core KNOWLEDGE module of the “Regain Romance Method.”

From this module alone you will gain a clearer understanding of your relationship than you have ever had before.

You will discover:

The single concept that explains every single relationship breakup. (page 14)

The essential techniques to understand and control yourself so you can deliberately take all the right steps. (page 5, 17 & 20)

How to understand what your partner is thinking and feeling better than they understand themselves. (page 27, 28, 29)

How to get your partner to voluntarily come back to you of their own free will. (page 39)

How to restore your relationship and make it last for good. (page 43, 45, 46)


Regain Romance Method - MODULE 2
“Get Control of Yourself”

“Get Control of Yourself” is the second KNOWLEDGE module of the “Regain Romance Method.”

Let’s be honest – if you could control your partner you would already have them back, wouldn’t you?

The best thing you can do right away is admit that you cannot directly control your partner or anyone else.

But you can directly control yourself.

You will discover that when you have absolute control over yourself you will be able to make all the right decisions.

And when you decide to take all the right actions towards your partner you will experience something amazing.

They will start to respond to you the way you always wanted and it will be of their own free will, because they choose to.

You will discover:

How to stop your mind running out of control and get it focused on what will actually restore your relationship.

How to make changes in your life that will have your partner amazed at the difference and give them real reason to give you another chance.

How to put yourself in a mental and emotional state that will make your partner want to be around you.

Regain Romance Method - MODULE 3
“Action Plan”

The “Action Plan” is the core ACTION module of the “Regain Romance Method” where the rubber hits the road.

Once you are fully equipped with the knowledge you need you’ll be given a step by step plan to put it into action.

The “Action Plan” is self paced so you can follow the steps at the right time for your unique relationship.

Just complete each step one by one and watch everything fall into place.

Through 5 self paced phases you will:

Set out on the right foot with 7 key resolutions that will keep you firmly on track to restore your relationship. (page 2-8)

Apply 5 essential techniques to put your understanding of self control into action and start directing the course of your life again. (page 10-20)

Amaze and intrigue your partner with a brand new you through 8 simple life changing steps. (page 22-35)

Make contact in the right way at the right times and say all the right things to ensure you rekindle the relationship. (page 35-41)

Keep making your relationship stronger even after your partner returns so that you win the love of your life back for good. (page 43)

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You Probably Asking These Questions...

Is the “Regain Romance Method” suitable for me?





Yes! This is a powerful course for everyone, men and women alike.

It is a principle based system that works with the constants that are always present in every relationship, young and old, and that work with every breakup, every time.

In fact, because the "Regain Romance Method" is based upon universal relationship laws it is the only method guaranteed to work for everyone.

What will the “Regain Romance Method” make me do?






Everything that works. This course isn't for day-dreamers who don't want to do anything to save the love of their life.

There is no such thing as a magical relationship saving course that will bring your lover back without you doing anything to help.

The "Regain Romance Method" will give you everything you need but it will still be up to you to take action.

But taking action shouldn't be a problem. You do want to get your ex back, right?

When can I get started?




Instantly. The “Regain Romance Method” pdf files will be delivered to you via an immediate download and you’ll be reading and putting it into action right away.

I want you to avoid disastrous mistakes and get your ex back as soon as possible so I’ve made sure you can begin without delay.

Real Results Or Your Money Back...

This is an incredibly powerful course, and I stand by it 100%

Your satisfaction is assured through our no-risk, 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.

If for any reason, you are not completely delighted or think this course is not working for you, just contact me at any time in the first sixty days for a full no hassle refund.

I'll take all the risk so you don't have to. That’s how confident I am you’ll be blown away by the results.


The Regain Romance Method Is The Most Complete and Effective "Get Your Ex Back" Home Study Course Available

You are about to receive a self paced course for real people that molds itself to your unique relationship, using simple and highly effective techniques that work.

If you want the edge that really can help you fix your relationship then this is it.

You’ll discover exactly how to take the steps that will make your partner voluntarily decide to come back to you for good.

Once again you might be asking, "Is this course really for me?"

Well, if you really want to know the answer, you should ask yourself...

How badly do you miss your partner?

How badly do you want your partner back?

Go there in your mind and imagine...

How relaxing it will feel when your ex isn’t shutting you out anymore and is instead opening up to you more than ever.

How exciting it will feel when you finally go on an all new ‘first date’ with your newly rekindled flame.

How joyous it will be as you grow closer and closer and the reasons why you broke up in the past fade away to nothing.

How monumental and happy you'll be as you forge a bond with your partner that eclipses anything either of you have ever had before.

Looking back at this time as the "blessing in disguise" that helped you turn your relationship into a deep, true and abiding love that will last forever.

So how much is this tremendous experience of finally getting your ex back going to cost you?

Well, the regular price for Regain Romance Method is $37. However, you can have the entire package (all 3 ebooks) today at a special discount for only $17.99! (the price may go up again soon).

Remember, if for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact me directly within 60 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

It’s nothing you can’t go back on if you need to. My guarantee makes it practically impossible this can’t work out well.

Reach for what’s possible. Take advantage of our 60 day Moneyback Guarantee and try Regain Romance Method today.

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The time to put the right knowledge into action is now.

Don’t risk making a mistake that could destroy your relationship permanently.

Start rekindling the flame of love today!



P.S. You don’t need special "magic spell" for this to work for you. What I’ll share with you works for anybody with the will to rescue their relationship and regain lost love because it’s so simple and step-by-step.

P.S.S. Missed my 60 day money back guarantee? The short of it: You can’t lose. I’m sticking my neck out to ensure there’s no possible way this can’t work out well for you.

P.S.S.S. Any delay in taking action could squish any chance you’ve got of getting your ex back.

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