You are alone all of a sudden and are left wondering what happened to your relationship. Does your ex boyfriend still have feelings for you is the question that is always on your mind.

It can be hard to think things through clearly when you are distraught over your break up, but there is a ray of hope. Many times people get back together after breaking up. It can just be a wake-up call as to what needs to be changed in the relationship.

Watch out for these behavior to show your ex boyfriend still cares. If you want to get your ex boyfriend back look for these signs:

1. He says he wants to be friends with you. It is hard for him to let you go completely. He definitely has feelings for you if he is looking for you to be in his life in some way.

2. He tells you that he misses you when you talk to him. He is probably reminiscing about the good times that you had together and is fishing to find out whether or not you miss him too.

3. Your ex boyfriend is still calling and talking to you regularly. This shows that you are still important to him and he can’t just say goodbye forever. Take heart that he is still interested.

4. Your boyfriend doesn’t look the other way when you happen to see him. Even though it may feel awkward he makes the effort to speak to you.

5. He asks you if you are going out with anyone else. He still feels emotions like jealousy which are an indication that he still has ties to you.

6. He asks your friends or family questions about you. He wants to keep tabs on what you are doing. You are definitely on his mind.

If you feel like he is the one for you, then you will want to do everything you can to move things along. This doesn’t mean calling him all the time. Be friendly but act a bit aloof and hard to get. Let him feel like he has to win your love back. You don’t want him to think that you are not interested at all, just get him to feel like he has to make the effort to win you back.

When you feel like the signs show that your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you, you will want to have a plan figured out to act on.

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