Learn how to get your ex girlfriend back effectively

You might think that there’s no second chance for you once your girlfriend bursts into tears and tells you, “I’m breaking up with you.”

If your begging and pleading yielded no results, then maybe you need to find the right advice. Here is a comprehensive to-do list if you want your girl back in your arms again:

Never break down for a break up

Don’t act like your life is torn to pieces because your girlfriend left you – even if you feel like your life is indeed hell. No woman would ever want to get back with an ex boyfriend whose apartment is strewn with empty pizza boxes and smells like dirty laundry. Compose yourself and man up to the situation, and you’ll have a clear head to think things over and plan on getting your ladylove back.

Open up

Yes, we all know that it’s difficult for guys to sit down and talk about their emotions and get all teary-eyed, but if you’re looking for ways on how to get your ex girlfriend back, this is a must. Not only will it convince your ex that you’re making an effort to communicate with her, it will also make you feel better because letting it all out helps you understand the situation in another light. If you feel like you can’t talk with her face to face, then write a letter.

Don’t miss her too much

Or, don’t act like it even if you do. Calling her 5 times a day and leaving bouquets and bouquets of flowers on her doorstep is not the answer to how to get your ex girlfriend back. On the contrary, those will smother her and will make her want to avoid you as much as possible. One phone call a week and a box of her favorite chocolates every other week are enough. Give her time to think about your situation, but let her feel that you’re there for her when the time comes that she has something to say.

Get a life

Just because you don’t have a steady date to go to parties with doesn’t mean you have to be stuck at home just planning on how to get your ex girlfriend back. Hang out with your buddies during the weekend for some basketball or fishing. Or try going to a movie by yourself. Spending more time with others and yourself will take your mind off your problem and will also help you get to know yourself better. It will also make you appreciate your ex girlfriend’s company more.

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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Do’s and Don’ts

Getting your ex girlfriend back requires a clear head to make the clear strategy work. Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind once you are ready to reconnect with the love of your life:

Do wait for your ex girlfriend to contact you

This is the only way to be certain that your plan has been working and that she is ready to reconnect with you again. Do not pester her to talk to you; after you’ve made your case and you’ve shown what she is missing. Sit back, cross your fingers, act cool, and hope for the best. Do not act crazy and impatient because this will just turn her away from you all the more.

Do bring her to a non-threatening place

Insisting that she and you talk over a candlelit dinner and sweet background music will only freak her out. Your ex girlfriend needs to feel like you are not trying to coerce her to think romantic thoughts while you are explaining your side. Also, give her the assurance that you will not stay until she changes her mind, by setting your meeting in between appointments or prior commitments. She will be more willing to discuss issues plaintively if she believes that your meeting shall be brief and concise. But as soon as it’s over, she’d be surprised to find out that she wants to talk with you for longer!

Do not dive right into asking your ex girlfriend to get back with you right away

Even if she is already willing to get back with you, do not act like you are a couple making up, that is not how to get your ex girlfriend back. The best way to start reconciliation is to act like your relationship is new and as if you did not have a terrible history between yourselves.

Do remember the reasons she will lay out on why she broke up with you

If you’re asking how to get your ex girlfriend back, you have to pay attention to your mistakes and promise yourself that you will never commit them ever again. If you want the new relationship to work, you should be willing to give up all the bad in order to work on making all the good things last.

Do remember that winning your ex girlfriend back is a strategy and a step-by-step process

It will not work like magic or like an answered prayer. It will take time, careful steps, perseverance, and lots of waiting. But if you do it right, and you really love her and you truly want her back, there should be nothing that can stop you from welcoming her back into your arms.


Persuading your ex girlfriend with flowers and depression and “I miss you’s” will not always work to make her take you back. If your ex girlfriend will want to patch things up with you, it’s not because of any of the gifts you give, but because she wants you, and nothing else. Work on making yourself a better man, and once she sees a new you, you’ll have her back with you in no time.

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