Girls are very unpredictable. One minute they love you, the next they want to kill you. So if you just had a breakup with your girlfriend and you still want to get her back, you might want to consider following some of these tips on how to win back your ex girlfriend.

1. First of all you should accept the fact that you two are no longer together. Don’t be such a cry-baby and keep on pondering about the past. Feeling sorry for what happened and for what happened will lose your chances of getting her back again. On the other hand, if you would accept this reality, you can think carefully on what you should really do on how to win back your ex girlfriend.

2. No matter how much you miss her, don’t call. Just in case your ex girlfriend gives you a ring, you can surely take the call. But don’t be the first one to call her. Make sure that you don’t make yourself available to your ex girlfriend all the time.

3. Think about how you and your ex girlfriend shared that connection when you were still in a relationship. If you can, don’t include your emotions and analyze carefully what went wrong. Without being biased you will realize the things that contributed to your girlfriend’s rage and why you ended in a break up.

4. Ask your friends how they see you as a boyfriend. Your family could help too. The people that know you very well can give you a clear feedback about you and the relationship that you had with the girl who broke your heart.

5. By the time that you are already aware of the flaws in your past relationship and the things that you should do to improve it, then start making actions. If you still don’t get what the problem is, you would still end up being dumped even if you get back together this time.

6. Try to be in shape. If you have a healthy body, it would be easier for you to think and act fast. You surely want to attract your ex girlfriend again. And to do that, you have to be physically fit.

7. Don’t give room for a downtime. Look for activities that could make you mobile. Each time you are dormant, it leaves you more time to think of her. And the more you miss her, the more you would want to give her a call.

8. Look for good set of people that would surround you. You can always ask the help of your family or friends to help you cope up from your break up. It would be easier for you to overcome sadness and heal all your hurts if you have a support group. This would be very helpful if you really want to think of the effective ways on how to win back your ex girlfriend. It would only be harder for you if you would deal with this on your own.

9. When your ex sees that you became a loser after the break up, she would realize that she really made the right decision. Have a life that you would live if your ex girlfriend is still with you. Live it to the fullest and enjoy what life really has to offer.

10. Of course, this would take time so you should have a lot of patience. Whether she still wants to be back with you, she would definitely play hard to get. But nevertheless, don’t expect romance to happen the same day that you ask her to be with you and try it for the second time. If you really want to know how to win back your ex girlfriend you should know that things will not turn out as expected if you are in a hurry. Focus on your goal and that is to make changes. That’s what she would look for as well.

Don’t hesitate to try if you really see yourself living the rest of your life with her. But in order to successfully get the girl that you love, make sure that you give space and time to miss each other and read the right guides on how to win back your ex girlfriend.

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